Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wow, we have been busy!!

I can't even believe it but we are almost ready to move in!!! They put up drywall last week, taped and mudded over the weekend and this morning they were there to texture the ceilings. Drake asked them when they thought the painters were going to be there - FRIDAY!!! Once it's painted, then all the finishing touches go in! We do have a few issues that we are trying to address with the builder so it's not be a total free easy process, but for the most part he has been willing to try to fix things or do them as we would like them.

I don't have the cable to be able to download picture right this minute but hopefully I will get that done tonight or tomorrow.

You won't believe the changes that have been made!

Also send Nicole a short birthday message today! She is 11 today!!! My baby is 11 (said with tears coming down my cheeks) We are going to take her out for dinner tonight with some friends and celebrate!!


Cara said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Shelly said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!! Enjoy yourself!