Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm so tired!

We've moved in. :)

There are boxes everywhere, I've washed hundreds (k, it only feels like that many) loads of laundry since most of it was in a pole barn for 3 months. Yesterday I spent the entire day unpacking boxes, putting stuff away, then rearranging it two more times. I think things will continue to move about until we've lived here and gotten it all unpacked. It also figures that this is the busy time for Drake at work so he's putting in extra hours at home working on work stuff instead of house stuff. He has done ALOT, he hung shelving in our master closet and I've unpacked most of it. He'll be looking for underwear for weeks :)

Wish me luck in the unpacking and putting away stage now. I totally love our new house just wish it came fully decorated and unpacked.

I've decided there are some new things that I would like to buy for us.
  1. New kitchen table (ours is a very light oak but new kitchen is dark wood).
  2. New bed for our room.
  3. New tv for living room.