Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holy Cow!!!

When they decide to work, they really work!

Tuesday - They delivered the forms for the basement walls, not alot to look at but why not?!
We thought it would take at least a day to set the forms, then a day to fill the forms, then a few days to dry in the forms.

It didn't go that way.....

Wednesday - Forms are up and filled!!!

Thursday - Forms are removed and gone, sealer is sprayed on outside of basement and insulation is installed on outside of basement walls.
(This picture is Drake looking from the outside through to our basement. Window well is already attached and ready to go.

Our builder still thinks that we will have our October 30th closing date. I was worried, but the way they have been working this week, I can see it happening.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jessica's in rock heaven

For those that don't know Jessica very well, she loves any and all rocks. This building a house thing - she is loving because she gets to pick out a new rock everyday. I'm letting her collect one per day and put in a box for when we move, she can put them outfront and tell people what they are and where she got them. She looks all over the lot, picks up at least 5, even tries to get Nicole to pick one to take home. (Nicole always declines though) She looks in the dirt for rocks, she looks in the rocks they put in the driveway, and today.....she looked all over because they filled the footers in with peagravel which all she sees is rocks. That poor girl, thought she was going to have a heart attack when she was looking at all her choices.

So the update on the house is they have filled in the footers with peagravel. This is in the basement and in the garage. I took pictures, but you can't see much except for the girls. Drake and I are having a debate on what will happen next and what the plumbing in the floor will look like. I'm not good with depth perception so he's trying to explain there will be about 6 inches of concrete for the plumbing in the basement, and all I see is the top of the sump pump is all ready even with the pea gravel how can it be that different? So now we'll wait and see. If that's the biggest disagreement we have then I think we are pretty lucky.

Well, hopefully we'll see you tomorrow with more updates.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It happened.....

On the way to pick the girls up after school, I drive by the lot to check on things. (This will be a Monday - Friday occurance) So last Thursday they had staked 4 corners on the lot. Confused us since they were not the corners of the house though.

Then Monday I drove by and there was a excavator on the land. That seems exciting to me!!!

Tuesday there is a dirt Basement!!! We had the girls run some energy out in the basement while we were there.

And today they poured footers!!!!!

I'm so excited they have gotten going and now hopefully they will rock and roll along the next steps too. I was really starting to worry about our October 30 closing tentative date, but I wonder if they can get us in. Drake spoke (in what little English the guys could understand) to the guys that put in the footers and they said they would be back on Monday to pour the walls. (now that's if Drake understood what they were saying too)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Klondike Started school today

Jessica started kindergarden today!!! I can not believe it. She's gone from new born to school in a blink of an eye. Don't even get me started on Nicole! She started 5th grade today. It's unbelievable.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork!

No new house news yet. We've turned in our color selections, choices for designs. We are waiting on building permits now. It's been two weeks now, I wonder how much longer it will take. Our closing date is supposed to be October 30, wonder if we will make it still.