Thursday, October 16, 2008

The days are counting down

Yesterday they really surprised us, we drove out at lunch time and we had sod in the front yard, all the flowers were lining the walks and a tree in the backyard even. While we were they they seeded and strawed the back/side yard. It makes it look so ready to live in.

Today - The carpet is installed and looks so great, I just love it with the wall colors we choose (doesn't really match the girls rooms, but what really would? lol)

My kitchen cabinets are all installed, still need a few of the knobs on them but that will only take a few minutes. Tile backsplash in the kitchen will be done tomorrow, they put it up today and will grout it tomorrow. Water is on in the house, ice machine is working, toilets even flush (Jessica was the first to try it out - and just for laughs, from the kitchen sink, I can look through the pass through and see into the bathroom if they leave the door open. LOL)

Painters are coming tomorrow to touch up all the needed spots, plumbers will be back to finish up. We picked up all the spare wood we've collected in the basement since they will be powerwashing down there tomorrow. (that was a surprise to me too)

It is so very exciting, every day that comes closer is even better than the last. The girls were playing on the living room floor tonight while we were looking through the house, and they just looked so right. When we went to leave we saw the most beautiful sunset from our front porch. I tried to take a picture of it, but that darn night view on the camera just makes it so blurry since I shake too much.

Tomorrow we will have exactly a week before we can move in. The time has just flown by and I can't believe that the house is ready. I can't wait to move in and start unpacking and really get into a routine.

Tonight was also parent teacher conferences for the girls. First time for Jessica, and her teacher says she is doing REALLY well. She is still very shy, but is starting to be more involved in classroom discussions and is playing well with the other kids. Today she was on the school tv as the "Star of the week". Nicole's teacher really surprised me by telling me that Nicole was on the A/B Honor roll - I wasn't surprised about her abilty to be on the honor roll, just that she made it. Drake and I both feel she hasn't been doing all that well on some of her spelling tests, but she has an A in it. We did talk to the teacher about all the transistions and she said once we move and things settle down, we might even feel better about her school work. (She has been known to be studying in the back seat of the truck while we are working inside the house) She has been really great about trying to do homework before she comes in to look around or play. I'm so proud of them both, my heart is overflowing with the love and affection I have for them. I'm so truly lucky to have my wonderful family.

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