Thursday, April 2, 2009

Holy Smokes it's been a while

Things have flown by I tell ya. We've been in the house 5 months already! I love our house, now if only I loved the yard too. :( We have had some issues with the yard caving in, the builder still has lots of work to do out there. Matter of fact, just last week, they came and ripped out our back patio because it was sinking (towards the house even), now we are waiting for all the wonderful rain to come in and settle the ground again so they can repour the patio and back sidewalk. They also tried to regrade the back yard, I should say they did regrade and cut the cable tv cables that were buried. Guess they worked too hard in that one spot. I've got some pictures of the work out back, I'll try to load them tonight. I will also see if I have any updated pictures from inside the house.