Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Housing Changes

We did it, we took the plunge to sell the house and it sold in 30 days. We decided in February we were going to sell our home, so that began the process of moving things around, boxing things up, and kicking Nicole out of her own room. (We had to make it look open and inviting and for the girls to share a room again and have an office made more sense.) We listed the house with Caldwell Bankers on April 27, 2008 to our amazement, we had 18 showings and in 30 days we had an accepted offer. This lead to a rush of packing and going through more stuff. I know we threw some things away, but we still have too much stuff and hopefully will get rid of more things. Our closing was on June 30th, with the help of Drake's mom, Linda and some of our friends, Becky and Brett Creech (along with darling Allison), we got everything moved with an hour to spare for a shower before closing.

We are officially renters again. (Didn't see that one coming!!) One of my co-workers had a house for rent, she was moving out as we were moving in so it was a bit stressful. We are currently renting a 100 year old house with 2 bedrooms, one bathroom (OMG this has been a test!) and two dogs in Lafayette. (Hey - they came with the house!!)

It has flower gardens everywhere, screened in porch and lots of room for the girls to play with the dogs.

We've kept the same phone numbers so you can still call us at those. I'll post some more photos of the house as we get a little more time.

We will be staying in West Lafayette, same school district as before, it will be about two miles from where we used to live. If you can believe it, farther away from Wal-Mart. I'll have to find a new way to get my social outtings in. We have decided to build a new house in Huntington Farms, this is off of St. Rd. 26 West. We are building a 1700 sq ft ranch with a full basement. Our plan is for this to be the last move (Lord willing that is). So we've thought alot about this and believe we have made some good decisions. I'll take some pictures tonight and keep adding to the story. The plan is to update this blog with all the details on the new house as it's getting built, in there you will also get to see those cute kids of mine too :) I'll have to brag about them some.

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amieeandchad said...

What a nice little house you have! I am sure the gardens are just beautiful! Can't wait to see you soon!