Monday, July 28, 2008

Girl Scout Camp Started Sunday

Nicole will be gone from Sunday to Friday for Girl Scout Camp, can you believe that I'm missing her already? We got there, she met her friend and started ignoring us, so we left :( My little girl is really growing up. I've sent her an email message that she'll get when she wakes up, just to tell her that we miss her. Jessica seems to be enjoying the one on one time, alright, she's getting almost everything she asks for since the little con has figured out all she has to do is say how much she misses sissy!!! (ARGH!!!!! - how did she learn to con me so early!)

Well, time to go to bed. I hope to update more about the house tomorrow. I've tried loading the images of the house plans multiple times, but it always gives me errors, so I might just have to wait until they break ground and show you the lay out as we go. I do have some pictures of the empty lot that I plan to load. I'll work on that tomorrow so it will keep my mind off of Nicole and if she is doing alright.

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Leslie said...

Sorry you are missing your girl!! I am sure she will have tons of fun and the week will fly by.

Can't wait to see more house "stuff".