Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It happened.....

On the way to pick the girls up after school, I drive by the lot to check on things. (This will be a Monday - Friday occurance) So last Thursday they had staked 4 corners on the lot. Confused us since they were not the corners of the house though.

Then Monday I drove by and there was a excavator on the land. That seems exciting to me!!!

Tuesday there is a dirt Basement!!! We had the girls run some energy out in the basement while we were there.

And today they poured footers!!!!!

I'm so excited they have gotten going and now hopefully they will rock and roll along the next steps too. I was really starting to worry about our October 30 closing tentative date, but I wonder if they can get us in. Drake spoke (in what little English the guys could understand) to the guys that put in the footers and they said they would be back on Monday to pour the walls. (now that's if Drake understood what they were saying too)

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Leslie said...

How exciting! It really is amazing how quickly things happen once they get started. If it were me I would go by daily as it is easier to catch a mistake early on (and there is bound to be one). We were supposed to have a jet tub and they put in a regular one. They had to re-do some of the walls to get the wrong tub out and the right one in. We were very glad that we caught it the same day they installed the wrong one.