Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's time to update.

We are moved in, still settling down but it will all fit in the house so that's a wonderful thing!!!

Since moving in we've had Jessica's 6th birthday and Thanksgiving all at our house and Drake's car died a very quick death. Like on his way home from an out of town job. After about a week of having one vehicle, we purchase an Impala. Ah, back to normal with two vehicles. If his car would have been considerate enough to wait until summer, he would have riden his Goldwing. The nerve of a dying car!!

We are busy getting ready for Christmas. The house is decorated, some of the presents are bought, nothing is wrapped and no cards are ready, no thoughts of baking even in my head. I guess I need to step things up a bit.

Jessica has really adjusted to school. She got her first nugget yesterday (this is a reward from school where the principle/Assistant priciple calls the parents to say what a wonderful job they have done).

Nicole just finished up organized volleyball through the school. She seemed to really enjoy it. The last game she was serving overhand, something she had been trying all through the practices. She was on top of her game the last game, she scored 5 points!!!

I'll try to get the girls pictures taken and updated on the blog this week.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All!!!!